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Terms & Conditions

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Agreement For Makeup Services


It is hereby agreed by and between Claire Sandall (Champagne Whisper) , hereinafter referred to as “Artist”,


[contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Contact Address’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Contact Number’ type=’text’ required=’1’/]herein after referred to as “Purchaser”, as follows:


1. Purchaser hereby requests and agrees to retain the Artist to provide makeup services as specified below, as requested by Purchaser.


[contact-field label=’Event Date’ type=’text’ required=’1’/]
[contact-field label=’Ceremony Time’ type=’text’ required=’1’/]

(hereinafter referred to as “Event Date”)

at[contact-field label=’Address for Makeup application’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/]


2. Artist shall provide the following services:

Make-up for the following persons
[contact-field label=’Name(s) and wedding title(s)’ type=’textarea’/](for example: Sarah Smith – Bride)

Additional Services / Materials:

  • additional airbase applications would be £10 per person per application
  • additional Eyelash applications would be £4 – £15 per person


3. Purchaser agrees to make the following payments and be bound by the following terms and conditions:

    • A deposit of £80 (2018) per bride and £45 per other person (£50 if airbase is required) requiring trial is required immediately to secure the date and deducted from the final sum. Or £10pp not having a trial (non refundable or transferable if that person cancels)
    • Said sum shall constitute a non-refundable, non transferable deposit.
    • Only 2 trials may take place on any one day. Trials to take place in Alsager. Bridal trials shall last no longer than 2 hours and other party members trials, no longer than 1.5 hours per person. After this a fee will be charged at £40 per hour or part hour.
    • Wedding day Mileage will also be added after 25 minutes driving time from Alsager based on route planner/ iPhone maps (please contact me for details).
    • Minimum bridal party numbers =3 (must include bride)
    • All bookings will take place at my alsager studio unless otherwise agreed.One venue/address  is included in any price quoted for me to travel to venue. For me to attend or move to different addresses on the day will incur a fee of £40 per hour or part hour, including the time it takes me to pack up and also re-set up.


(A) Artist shall have the option to void agreement if deposit and signed agreement is not received thirty days prior to event date.

(B) In the event that the Artist receives written notice from the Purchaser not less than the thirty (30) days prior to the Event Date that the Artist’s services will not be required by Purchaser, then Purchaser shall not be liable for the contracted price, but deposits are non refundable.

(C) In the event that the Artist receives written notice from the purchaser, notifying the Artist of a cancellation between fourteen (14) and twenty-nine (29) days prior to the date of the event, Purchaser agrees to pay seventy five percent (75%) of the remaining contracted price. Any deposits paid previously will be non refundable.

(D) If the Purchaser shall fail to notify the Artist of a cancellation in the manner as provided above, or in the event of breach of this agreement, then the purchaser shall remain responsible for the full contract price specified, including all costs expense, damages and fees, (including costs of cancellations, court costs, and reasonable attorney’s fees) incurred by Artist in enforcing this agreement.

(E) The above terms are viable for any member of the bridal party that cancels their part of the agreement.

(F) Purchaser hereby agrees to indemnify Artist for any loss or damage to the Artist, it’s personnel, and equipment at the Event Site, provided the loss or damage was caused by person or persons other than the Artist or Assistants.

(G) The Artist shall not be liable for omissions or failure to perform its obligation, when such is through accident or caused by events that reasonably may be deemed beyond control of the Artist. If the Artist should be materially or physically incapacitated from performing its service for any reason, Artist shall have the option to be replaced by an equally qualified Artist. If no qualified artist is available then purchaser will be informed at the first available opportunity and a full refund will be given.

(H) No warranties are made by the Artist and the Artist shall not be liable for any direct and consequential damages arising out of the performance of service under this agreement. Including reactions to products. I the purchaser, have mentioned any known allergies or products I am sensitive to, to the best of my knowledge, to the Artist.
Any photos taken by the Artist will remain the property of the artist. 

Any cheque returned by the bank will be charged a £25 handling fee which must be settled no later than two weeks prior to the event.[contact-field label=’Tick box to acknowledge our returned cheque policy’ type=’checkbox’ required=’1’/]

Those persons who are included in this contract are guaranteed services and if time allows additional clients can be added, on or before the event date for additional fees. Additional services on the event date are to be paid in the form of cash. [contact-field label=’Tick box to acknowledge our additional clients policy’ type=’checkbox’ required=’1’/]

FYI- NAMES,  ADDRESSES and EMAIL’S are taken for admin purposes only


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[contact-field label=’I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the above Terms & Conditions’ type=’checkbox’ required=’1’/]

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